What Is The Relationship Between Finance And Thrift In Business?

The Journal of Business & Finance Librarianship is planning a special issue on Venture Capital & Private Equity research and resources – Proposals due by April 17, 2017; Submissions due June 15th, 2017. This module aims to introduce students to the broad functional disciplines that underpin the study of management and to provide an integrative platform upon which to build on in later modules. This will be achieved by examining the discipline of management from both a theoretical and practical perspective.

Programme specifications provide definitive records of the University’s taught degrees in line with Quality Assurance Agency requirements. Every taught course leading to a BU Award has a programme specification which describes its aims, structure, content and learning outcomes, plus the teaching, learning and assessment methods used.

Pareto’s Principle should serve as a reminder to us to stay focused on investing 80 percent of our time and energy on the 20 percent of work that’s really important. It’s not just important to work hard” and work smart”, but also to work smart on the right things.