What Is The Relationship Between Finance And Thrift In Business?

eBook Collection is a viewable collection of textbooks, test prep books and technical materials. Budget monitoring is done to make sure that resources are being utilised as per plans on the budget. Tracking or monitoring the way that financial resources are utilised or effectively used is very important for every department and the organization. It is a continuous process to ensure that objectives are being met as specified on the budget. It is through this monitoring that you will be able to make budgeting decisions and take necessary or appropriate actions whenever or wherever necessary.

Besides, I’ll offer another thought experiment. Dohsan, you assert that the difference between science and economics is that science research is costly (or at least, costlier) than is economics research. So let’s explore that idea more closely. Plenty of science fields – notably the ‘theoretical’ fields – involve incur relatively low costs, indeed, arguably, lower than that of most economists. Research in string theory, loop quantum gravity, M-theory, requires little more than a desk, some pencils & paper, and copious quantities of coffee. Theoretical chemists who specialize in, say, computational chemistry and cheminformatics just require computing power, which becomes cheaper every day. And naturally we have the entire discipline of mathematics which, at most, requires some computing power, and usually doesn’t require even that. Granted, one might argue that math is not an actual science, but hey, it is funded by the NSF.